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The Poetic Experience an extremely unique form of event entertainment. It is unique not just in its style, but in the fact that it delivers a powerful message while entertaining your audience. The style of communication used by The Poetx is a very old, yet very new form. It is a type of poetry that is made to be spoken. The rhythm, passion, and electricity of this art form brings a fresh amount of inspiration and vibrancy to any event. 

One man, David Bowden, spearheads the Poetic Experience. However, what The Poetx brings to your event is much more than just one performer, speaker, or entertainer. The Poetx brings an experience to your event that tailored, unique, and immersive. 



David Bowden is a professional spoken word poet with 7 years of experience. He has spoken in front of over half a million people in his career and his online videos have been viewed millions of times. David has worked with companies such as TOMS Shoes, Hobby Lobby, United Airlines (Ink Global), TED, CoreNet Global, Future Point of View, and The National Association of Colleges and Employers. 

David specializes in bringing a unique experience to your corporate event. He has an ever-expanding repertoire of poems to perform at your gathering, and he can craft a custom poem catered to your needs and goals. David is a versatile speaker that can be tailored to fit any environment and any demographic. His young passion and fresh style communicates in relevant and dynamic ways to every audience regardless of age. If you are looking to take your event to the next level, incorporate a new creative element, or bring a fresh and emotional impact to your gathering, you will want to consider David Bowden and The Poetx. 




 1. Unlike most speakers and entertainers, The Poetx brings an individually crafted experience to your event. No more one-size-fits-all solutions for your event. David and The Poetx will work alongside you to create a moment that is unforgettable. 

2. This experience is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. David can take your company’s identity and craft it into a living and breathing work of art before your very eyes. And the best part is, you can capture that moment on film and allow yourself and your attendees to experience it over and again. 

3. Experiences are not about a solitary element. They involve all the pieces of a moment working together harmoniously to express something significant to those experiencing it. David and The Poetx can work with your team to create an immersive 360 degree experience from before your attendees arrive till long after they leave. The content hooks and content echoes will reverberate the experience of your event exponentially.